Slip and Fall Accident

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According to national statistics,  wrongful falls account for 19,565 injuries annually in America. Between 20% and 30% of people who suffer wrong slip and fall will result in injuries like: bone fractures, bruises, sprains, or closed-head injuries.

We understand how it is. Your life is moving along as usual and then without warning, you slip and fall to the ground or trip and fall. You get hurt and your life gets turned upside down. And whether it’s a big injury or small one, one thing is for certain. Suddenly, you have this big thing to worry about.

There are several different ways to help with your medical care cost.

  • First, we look to the insurance company of the store or place where your slip and fall accident occurred to see if they have medical payments insurance coverage.
  • Next, if you have health insurance, we could use that to help pay for your care.
  • We look to the person, store or corporation who caused your personal injury.

Many different factors come into play when determining who will pay for your medical care costs and when. But rest assured, your premises liability lawyer will fully advise you on this matter as we know how important it is.


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